What is FREE DRYING all about?

The owners of Super Saver Laundromats have applied their business expertise and made the necessary provisions to allow all customers, who wash their Laundry at Super Saver, to dry all there Laundry for FREE, yes, 100% FREE. The FREE DRYING privilege is exclusively for washing customers only. Come Experience the Difference at Super Saver Laundromats and see why our customers choose any of our 17 convenient Super Saver locations.

Want to Save Time & Money?

Super Saver Laundromat can save you both time & money. With our high-volume, large capacity washers and dryers, you can finish your laundry in no time. Precision prides itself by giving its customers the best Laundromat for less, year after year.

Large Capacity Washer & Dryers

Super Saver Laundromats are built with the customers needs in mind. All Super Saver stores have many large capacity washers and dryers offering our customers the opportunity to bring in large amounts of Laundry and get it washed, dried and folded fast and comfortably. Customers can load up weeks worth of Laundry, pay with our convenient debit card, then sit back and watch television, surf the internet for free, shop at local retailers that conveniently surround Super Saver locations or just relax until your Laundry is complete.

Who is Super Saver Laundromat?

Over the past twenty years the Owner’s of Super Saver Laundromat have perfected the art of operating a Laundromat. We understand our customer’s needs when they choose a Laundromat:

  • Is there a Super Saver Laundromat near me?
  • Is the Super Saver Laundromat safe and attended?
  • Are their prices good?
  • Is there enough washer & dryers for me to get in and out fast?
  • Are they open when I need to go and do my Laundry?

The answer at Super Saver Laundromat’s is a resounding… YES.

Super Saver Laundromat understands that doing your Laundry could be a inconvenience and our number one goal is to have a Laundromat for our customers to get their Laundry completed as soon as possible with a satisfying experience. Super Saver Laundromat has become the customers choice for being the most well rounded Laundromat with many convenient FREE DRYING locations throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts, Attended by helpful employees, Clean, Bright, Safe and Comfortable. We would like to thank you for your patronage and we look forward to offer you the best Laundromat for years to come.

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